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181 kn2liu PublicFreakout Journalist continues doing his job despite explosion and gunfire. [deleted] View
182 kn2swq PublicFreakout racist white guy & the ballad of arizona tea [deleted] View
183 kn2zma PublicFreakout I think this belongs here. [deleted] View
184 kn31q4 PublicFreakout Mother screaming in the background after finding out her 12-year-old child was fatally crushed by rubble druing a 6.4 earthquake in Croatia. [deleted] View
185 kn31qc PublicFreakout Happened today, reporter still going on while Yemeni government is targeted in airport [deleted] View
186 kn3dvr PublicFreakout Worthless piece of shit assaults grocery store manager. (more info in comments) DCOgle View
187 kn3e2e PublicFreakout A mob led by local muslim clerics destroyed a Hindu temple in Karak district of Khyber Pakhtunwa, Pakistan. Hindus had obtained permission from the administration to extend the temple but local clerics invited a mob to destroy it instead. Police & administration remained silent spectators. [deleted] View
188 kn3hsw PublicFreakout A guy talking so much and he got what he deserve, god that smash with the can was soooo satisfying. ( idk if someone posted I got it from someone sent it to me.) [deleted] View
189 kn3jib PublicFreakout Road rage mirror smash Jellyrollrider View
190 kn3l1z PublicFreakout A mob led by local Muslim clerics destroyed a Hindu temple in Southern Pakhtunkhawa Karak, Pakistan. mouthofreason View
191 kn3na1 PublicFreakout Argentina becomes the first country in Latin America to legalize abortion after a landmark vote mouthofreason View
192 kn3tpa PublicFreakout This homeless man cleaned windows for $1 to save up for glasses mastermithi29 View
193 kn4eei PublicFreakout Anti masker male karen starts shit for NO reason. He really thought he was doing something quazziwazzi View
194 kn4gnc PublicFreakout Teenagers in New York block off street BraniacTv View
195 kn4i2z PublicFreakout Body Cam Footage of Petroglyph National Monument Incident 12/27 Fire_Tetrahedron View