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3195629 ooe0y8 PublicFreakout Unvaccinated Trump Supporters keep chanting “USA” after the Terrorist of 1/6 that almost shut down our entire government; but the pilot isn’t having any of it. lazl0wie View
3195631 ooe95j PublicFreakout Psycho Trump Supporter gets OWNED by News Person lazl0wie View
3195632 ooe9ee PublicFreakout Tom Brady cracks joke about election denial at White House Smartercow View
3195635 ooebp6 PublicFreakout Indiana man feels the long arm of the law Soarin_666 View
3195637 ooedxv PublicFreakout ...and then everybody clapped! bluntbutnottoo View
3195638 ooeemv PublicFreakout In the city of Idah in southern Iran protestors chant “death to Khamenei” referring to Iran’s supreme leader PorkyPain View
3195640 op8wxh PublicFreakout Allowed to shoplift in LA Lolastic_ View
3195641 op98l7 PublicFreakout A Very Festive Shootout BobsBarker12 View
3195642 op99fv PublicFreakout Canadian Stormtroopers Descend On The Homeless With bike cops, cruisers, court wagons, undercover officers & a facial recognition van CantStopPoppin View
3195643 op9ab5 PublicFreakout A Crowd Of NYPD Officers Rush A Subway Car Claiming A Man Did Not Pay For His Fare And Tasered Him Without Giving Him A Chance To Show His Proof CantStopPoppin View
3195644 op9dp2 PublicFreakout Dad Lets His Son Take The Wheel And When They Pass A Cop The Kid Bails CantStopPoppin View
3195647 op9fgl PublicFreakout Onlookers watch in horror as a woman fights against flood waters in Zhengzhou, China ElderHawk View
3195650 op9hrt PublicFreakout CWE Wrestler Shanky Singh chokeslams Police constable. stormphuf View
3195652 op9hrt PublicFreakout CWE Wrestler Shanky Singh chokeslams Police constable. stormphuf View
3195655 op9jfw PublicFreakout Unvaccinated Trump fanatic attempts to kill a liberal after finding out the 2020 election results JackHoff21 View