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3198790 ouucxr PublicFreakout festival goer forgets gravity is still a thing (happened at sound haven festival in TN last night and he was reported to have a broken leg) mdabco View
3198792 ouumeq PublicFreakout Humiliated for bullying (both incidents included) timeisanillusion19 View
3198793 ouuq3y PublicFreakout Fucking Catalina wine mixer ifallupthestairsalot View
3198795 ouuxai PublicFreakout Antivaxxer picks a fight, runs behind the sheriff when they fight back thomas_tha_train View
3198796 ouv2yj PublicFreakout Public gettin freaky itsreallyreallytrue View
3198798 ouvmi5 PublicFreakout Saw a guy get bit by a shark today at the beach in Florida ThoseCrazyKerns View
3198803 ouvnhr PublicFreakout Oh shit indeed! TheRookieGetsACookie View
3198804 ouvp2r PublicFreakout When it’s finally Friday FAZECLOUT42 View
3198808 ouvr3e PublicFreakout Protestor grabbed by the Myanmar Militaries plainclothes soldier while the country goes through one of the worst COVID-19 surges in the world. Sabatar446 View
3198819 ouvv08 PublicFreakout Caught cheating!! SamMee514 View
3198821 ouvwe9 PublicFreakout Professional MMA fighter punches Twitter journalist TheAtheistArab87 View
3198822 ouvvwo PublicFreakout Ass-hole! PerfectPenguim View
3198823 ouvxxu PublicFreakout ICU nurse, tired of the “99% survival rate” argument, shows what many COVID patients go through to survive DaFunkJunkie View
3198824 ouwjz5 PublicFreakout ANTIFA aligned activist/journalist is attacked in West Hollywood. Suffers concussion, broken facial bones etc.. Myzipperisdown View
3198825 ouwylv PublicFreakout Gramps got balls kriskirby86 View