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3213540 potb92 PublicFreakout Public Shootout bigj2288 View
3213541 potam5 PublicFreakout A disabled student wants to go back to school. Because of Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida's rule prohibiting mask mandates in all schools in Florida, he can't. He can't see his friends, and is stuck at home. werdmouf View
3213542 poto4l PublicFreakout WTF he doing in middle godcombat View
3213545 pou40f PublicFreakout Jeez mavis777 View
3213546 pou6oy PublicFreakout Anti-vaxx healthcare worker shows up to her job she was fired from and tries to make a stand, annoys everyone there GoshDarnBatgirl View
3213547 poubtj PublicFreakout POP! Mr_Videodrome_Clown View
3213548 pouayl PublicFreakout Richland town police tazer restrained man 3x. He originally asked for police but they could not understand what he was saying because he does not speak English well. cannabiphorol View
3213549 poud13 PublicFreakout Everyone be throwing hands Azsnee09 View
3213550 pouizl PublicFreakout A fight breaks out during a spirit airlines flight in front of children BigMagesty View
3213552 pov4my PublicFreakout Context: my friend lets his crackhead dad and stepmom over. Stepmom and dad get into fight, dad calls cops, she gets kicked out. dsav99 View
3213553 povbpq PublicFreakout Woman gets arrested over a $1 beer koozie. LetterZee View
3213554 povc12 PublicFreakout Girls Fight After a Night Out wrestlingdommes View
3213556 povelv PublicFreakout Trinidad Health Minister Dr. Terrence Deyalsingh on Nicki Minaj's cousin’s friend swollen testicles story: There is no such reported case in Trinidad. Never happened cal_oe View
3213559 povlkl PublicFreakout Our beloved Bike Lane Bill is at it again. This time he berates a man, not once but twice, for passing him illegally. Fabalous View
3213560 povucs PublicFreakout proud of lil man boopdeed00 View