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3221506 qcb062 PublicFreakout Guy spews anti-asian hate in Chinatown and gets served justice AnirudhGoyal View
3221507 qcb0i2 PublicFreakout Former Astronaut Buzz Aldrin punching a moon-landing denier in the face. AnirudhGoyal View
3221508 qcb1cy PublicFreakout Police officer runs up and kicks a man in the head WHILE the man is successfully being placed in handcuffs and not resisting AnirudhGoyal View
3221509 qcb1u3 PublicFreakout Local DC resident expressing his feelings about Capitol incidents AnirudhGoyal View
3221512 qcb11y PublicFreakout Kaitlin Bennett (aka Gun Girl) gets chewed out by police for harassing people at Pride AnirudhGoyal View
3221513 qcb3h2 PublicFreakout Man grabs someone harassing people on a train and demands that he stop and leave everyone alone PlenitudeOpulence View
3221514 qcbc2z PublicFreakout Guy on a scooter going 60 MPH on the Expressway. WritesUaSong View
3221517 qcc0p2 PublicFreakout Tonight, I recorded an off duty Spanish police officer attack a husband who shouted at his wife. Story in comments. I_live_4_my_animals View
3221518 qcc7x7 PublicFreakout Pitch invader makes an attempt for Ronaldo's shirt TheGuineaPig21 View
3221519 qccan5 PublicFreakout Dave Chappelle Trans Protesters Fentonious8 View
3221520 qccicu PublicFreakout straight from southpark lingnatty View
3221523 qccrpg PublicFreakout I cant believe what my eyes are seeing pm_me_ur_bussy View
3221526 qccuku PublicFreakout Previous post made Dave sign man look like the victim at the Netflix EMPLOYEE WALKOUT when he was doing cringe shit like this Moobiful View
3221527 qcd146 PublicFreakout You're talking to LA's finest ImNotHereStopAsking View
3221528 qcd0z5 PublicFreakout Two dogs get in a viscous fight on the street. The owners and bystanders try to separate them- and then almost get in a fight themselves. Working_Class_Pride View