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3231432 r0vpu8 PublicFreakout Athlete Violetta Skvartsova leaves the podium because the wrong national Anthem is played! _Xyreo_ View
3231433 r0vl4c PublicFreakout She tried to swoop their $$ and got caught! Ok-Falcon5762 View
3231435 r0w025 PublicFreakout When your colleague buys somethinng new.. bob1150 View
3231440 r0wgju PublicFreakout Holy shit, this fucking idiot.... Attorney_For_Me View
3231444 r0wkc4 PublicFreakout Asian guy defending himself after being harassed bread_bread_breaddd View
3231445 r0wm6s PublicFreakout When your colleague buys something new.. bob1150 View
3231447 r0wqvs PublicFreakout Police arrest rioting shoplifter in California Zealousideal-Ad1181 View
3231454 r0x3ve PublicFreakout Escambia County Sheriffs Deputy shoots a dog in the face, in front of the teenage owner, while trespassing on her property during a “chase”. Unfortunately the dog was later put down. I_may_have_weed View
3231457 r0xcok PublicFreakout Spiderman found at a Walmart JinxfromStateFarm View
3231458 r0xk27 PublicFreakout Mohamed Abdi Hassan was a 27 year old man who suffered from mental health problems and he was last seen by his mother after she dropped him off at a clinic to get registered to the psychiatric hospital he was released from the day prior. The same night the mother received a voicemail from a doctor. huseena View
3231462 r0xugi PublicFreakout GET AWAY! GET AWAY! e38er View
3231465 r0y7nj PublicFreakout Car Robbery Attempt Caught On Camera mutedscouring View
3231467 r0ywru PublicFreakout When your colleague buys something new... dbicvbcvbcvb View
3231468 r0ywuu PublicFreakout Russian guy upset for not having enough sleep JahWan View
3231469 r0z22a PublicFreakout Pro wrestling turns real in stardom chickmagnetvenom View