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3233657 r6n5qx PublicFreakout Woman shits and pisses on car Dangerous-Feedback47 View
3233658 r6n76v PublicFreakout Officer shoots 61 year old in a motorized wheelchair. Jeez ccii_geppato View
3233661 r6o14s PublicFreakout This is why I low-key wish I lived in America Kofireid1 View
3233664 r6olar PublicFreakout Racist woman tells me and my mom to go to hell for speaking Spanish uixa View
3233665 r6onz4 PublicFreakout Guy holds down attacking dog until owner arrives. Space_Probe_One View
3233668 r6ooij PublicFreakout Ferry hits Dock in Barcelona port Space_Probe_One View
3233669 r6oq88 PublicFreakout Camera documented the moment undercover forces kidnapped a man IProposeThis View
3233671 r6ov99 PublicFreakout Brawl before holiday Space_Probe_One View
3233672 r6ozh1 PublicFreakout Big brawl in the bathroom UberPancake88 View
3233675 r6p0rp PublicFreakout She needs to be heard again since months later the supreme court is turning up the heat with RvW... TooModest View
3233676 r6p2g1 PublicFreakout Viewer advised : animal brutality - police responds to a home invasion and ends up kicking the victim's dog who was guarding the home Space_Probe_One View
3233677 r6p40g PublicFreakout Uncle moonsoon here guys, I have a new side job... I organize fireworks shows for playgroups and primary schools, not very big or dangerous of course. But spectacular for the little ones! So if you are interested or know someone you can always call me.... I'll add a reference video: UncleMoonSoon View
3233678 r6pffa PublicFreakout Officer vs wheelchair Browg_YT View
3233680 r6qb11 PublicFreakout Happy dances...happy dances everywhere. jdaltzz2383 View
3233682 r6r32x PublicFreakout Dining and ditching gone wrong 🤣 incognitosuperstar View