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46 km8xa1 PublicFreakout Captain save a Ho and gang of white supremacists gang up on two lone females amznfx View
47 km96ji PublicFreakout Anti-masker gets called out by another customer at Walmart. MakaveIi_The_Don View
48 km97rl PublicFreakout A white woman accuses the 14-yo son of Keyon Harrold, a famous jazz musician, of stealing her phone, then attacks both BrendaHelvetica View
49 km9x95 PublicFreakout WATCH OUAAA [deleted] View
50 kma0xc PublicFreakout Man excited for Christmas NainarB View
51 kmaure PublicFreakout Just a freak [deleted] View
52 kmawf1 PublicFreakout Sorry Santa [deleted] View
53 kmb1y6 PublicFreakout A video uploaded and later deleted by a Han Chinese man. In the video you can see him beating up three young girls, who cry out "apa, apa". The word Apa means mother in the tongue of Uyghurs and Kazakhs from East Turkestan. The man in speaking Mandarin. Fine-Mammoth-6139 View
54 kmbirm PublicFreakout This guy storms into hospital without a mask on then attacks a NHS worker and that was a bad decision Willeh View
55 kmbl9i PublicFreakout Crazy woman having a meltdown in front of impressively calm police officers Willeh View
56 kmbpac PublicFreakout Business owner stops health inspectors Car over outdoor dining Disasters_news View
57 kmcizb PublicFreakout Saudi Boss boasting about how he beats his Egyptian labourers. What a monster! [deleted] View
58 kmckl9 PublicFreakout Man tells cops masks are socialism werdmouf View
59 kmct87 PublicFreakout Child-Predator Gets Caught By The Mother iamjohnsonmendonca View
60 kmeazo PublicFreakout Yesterday on the way to the Austrian slopes. They chose not to refrain from their hobby. [deleted] View