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106 kmnfd4 PublicFreakout Earthquake in Croatia today caught on video. inatticus View
107 kmnq3h PublicFreakout Brazilian police officer goes nuts because his partner is 5 minutes late Emhyr_var-Emreis View
108 kmnt8f PublicFreakout Native American walks his dog. Cop harasses and tasers him because he didn't carry ID on him. 2020clusterfuck View
109 kmo03y PublicFreakout Women beats and yells at cop car, runs away, and then does it again WatchMyHatTrick View
110 kmo0qy PublicFreakout Made ya look __Dawn__Amber__ View
111 kmo9m6 PublicFreakout Tom Cruise loses patience with Aussie reporter ohnoh18 View
112 kmoa7l PublicFreakout Man down [deleted] View
113 kmocjy PublicFreakout Mum ur embarrassing me pls lerker4226 View
114 kmokj6 PublicFreakout She was ready to swing 3lk-1993 View
115 kmorvb PublicFreakout The moment 6.2 earthquake hit Petrinja, Croatia during mayor's press conference concerning yesterday's 5.3 one [deleted] View
116 kmowci PublicFreakout Saudi woman stands up to religious police who are trying to kick her out of a mall Sayonee99 View
117 kmpp7z PublicFreakout You just broke my eardrums [deleted] View
118 kmq7lb PublicFreakout This dude breakdancing while there is a fight GodEnabled View
119 kmqc27 PublicFreakout Prequel to the Nordstrom Anti-Masker that was posted earlier today: “This is not communist China; this is the United States of America.” misschristmastina View
120 kmqd2c PublicFreakout Jeeesus Chroist mouthofreason View