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2662496 mvotck PublicFreakout Israeli youth settlers attack innocent Palestinians for tick tock Salramm01 View
2662578 mvov5s PublicFreakout Cops use taser on man with knife Dr_Snugglemuffin View
2662594 mvouy5 PublicFreakout Plain potatoes trolls two strangers ( almost racist moment ) Early_Power_5366 View
2662986 mvp14w PublicFreakout In light of #StopAsianHate Cuban Youtuber stops a Maybach holding up LA traffic for words of support WhatAGeee View
2663088 mvp4j4 PublicFreakout Cops in standoff with knife wielding man Dr_Snugglemuffin View
2663137 mvp8j7 PublicFreakout After the Chauvin verdict Black Lives Matter supporters in Columbus Ohio protest for Ma'Khia Bryant last night TheAtheistArab87 View
2663500 mvpguj PublicFreakout Anti-masker in Texas refuses to leave Nordstrom and gets arrested honeypup View
2663506 mxr1mn PublicFreakout Fascist fundamentalist Qanon Karen "prophet" draped in the American flag preaches that Trump won the election and Democrats are demons from hell who're fleeing Washington because God will personally intervene to overthrow Biden 2020clusterfuck View
2663677 mxr7d9 PublicFreakout Kerala, India gov allowed another religious celebrations to go ahead during a deadly pandemic but karma has different plans. AskJ33ves View
2664222 mxre0j PublicFreakout Lady gets extremely mad over losing a parking spot. She won’t back down until the most patient man in the world defuses the situation. PlenitudeOpulence View
2664544 mxrlq8 PublicFreakout At a rally for Daunte Wright in Austin Saturday, a woman confronted those rallying for justice saying she wanted them “out of her neighborhood.” Anonymenace View
2665034 mxrt85 PublicFreakout 'We've only been here a few hours and have seen half a dozen people die while they wait for treatment.' - Sky News ground report from Delhi velvenhavi View
2665142 mxru1a PublicFreakout Moms boyfriend threatens he can "snap my windpipe in two seconds" and to slash my mom's tire that he bought her. This man is the cause of many sleepless nights for me. DabbyDabber710 View
2665298 mxrwjm PublicFreakout Mexican english teacher attacked by partner during Zoom class (audio) rov124 View
2665630 mxs1ls PublicFreakout Never seen how GTA looked in real life psikomanjak View