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3114801 n4due1 PublicFreakout Man gets arrested because he didn’t want to stop vaping on the plane LaBetsyQuerios View
3115701 n4e3ik PublicFreakout Protests in Medellin, Colombia SpongeGuru View
3116047 n4e9mt PublicFreakout Police throws tear gas into a bus with civilians in Manizales, Colombia Eldfeik View
3116263 n4ecje PublicFreakout Hotel Freakout niqdisaster View
3116446 n4efaq PublicFreakout SORE LOSER shoots after losing fight vanish619 View
3117268 n4ep6p PublicFreakout Bored Israeli soldier caught by security cameras tear gassing a Palestinian house IProposeThis View
3117576 n4erw7 PublicFreakout Stop Asian Hate Rpark888 View
3117822 n4ew2g PublicFreakout Asian woman hit with a hammer in Hell’s Kitchen after mask confrontation CantStopPoppin View
3118294 n4f102 PublicFreakout People need to know this is happening in colombia now. After 6 days of protests against the Government, the police has been systematically opened fire against civilians. Several have been reported dead, hundreds injured, disappeared... (Not my video) andipe220 View
3118378 n4f2r9 PublicFreakout Amazon delivery women is absolutely terrified of a Husky while delivering a package. LamarJacksonissmart View
3118428 n4f3gb PublicFreakout Policeman shooting pedestrian in the Walkway (COL) xuanzue View
3118684 n4f642 PublicFreakout Man spots giant tornado dangerously close to him while fishing ThriLL3r_ View
3118722 n4f7bb PublicFreakout Fights I Found on YouTube (EP7) DrowningMariner View
3118806 n4f87y PublicFreakout Live ammo being used by police against the population in Colombia CBNDSGN View
3119750 n4fj5w PublicFreakout Train overhead track collapses in Mexico City; several people reported trapped GuiltyFlacky View