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3120561 n4fsq2 PublicFreakout The Colombian Army is shooting at civilians after several days of protests. At least 19 people have been killed. HornedBitchDestroyer View
3120607 n4fszc PublicFreakout Road rage in Russia Gwynbleidd_X View
3120660 n4ftkf PublicFreakout Cali Colombia is a war zone after the days of protests due to high taxes increase in the mid of the covid economic problem. Tens of colombinas habe been murdered by the police and the army. ClearerEnd View
3120661 n4ftop PublicFreakout Girl shoots 50BMG for the first time (4k 60fps upscale) Rancid_Remnants View
3120822 n4fvmn PublicFreakout Mexico City Metro Bridge Rail Collapse. 5/4/2021 walkingbass_ View
3121346 n4g0yl PublicFreakout Security Guard gets a glass of beer broken over his head trying to break up a Bar Fight! b-t-a View
3121419 n4g16w PublicFreakout Woman calls churchgoers "bitches" on church grounds. crizano View
3121420 n4g2t3 PublicFreakout Mexico City Metro Bridge Rail Collapse. 5/4/2021 walkingbass_ View
3121930 n4g8yl PublicFreakout Security Guard gets soaked with a pint of Guiness right to the face trying to break up a fight. b-t-a View
3122101 n4gafb PublicFreakout All it takes for a man to find happiness... stonk_stoic View
3122251 n4gcgd PublicFreakout Aftermath of the riots in Colombia after heavy protesting due to aggressive government reforms and the army started shooting people along with the police. Tens of missing and murdered people. The situation is chaotic in the whole country. ClearerEnd View
3122362 n4gd9u PublicFreakout The COVID-19 tragedy in India continues! I am at a loss for words.... USAOHSUPER View
3122521 n4gfme PublicFreakout Mexico City Metro Bridge Rail Collapse. 5/3/2021 walkingbass_ View
3123164 n4glxo PublicFreakout ESMAD cop threw a tear gas grenade inside a bus in Manizales Colombia KillAllTheMixi View
3123548 n4gpl1 PublicFreakout Colombian police shooting and kicking unarmed citizens in the streets, after protest all over the country. What seems to be mtar's (powerful assault rifles) being used to shoot civilians. CHAOS. COLOMBIA NEEDS HELP! ClearerEnd View