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3126977 n4hoci PublicFreakout Proof of Police Using Rifles Against the People quemasparce View
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3127561 n4htn0 PublicFreakout Bug flies into reporters mouth fettywapsmom View
3127657 n4huk2 PublicFreakout Police Brutality in Colombia quemasparce View
3127697 n4huv2 PublicFreakout Police Brutality in Colombia quemasparce View
3127732 n4hvcm PublicFreakout Cali, Colombia is a Bloodbath for the Second Night in a Row quemasparce View
3127874 n4hwgv PublicFreakout Destroying your car to own the libs kakuma123 View
3128199 n4hzhd PublicFreakout Can I say a bad word? TroyExplores View
3129062 n4i6vw PublicFreakout This is actual fear of injections! Even the poor nurse is pissed off! roythetroy View
3129271 n4i9ak PublicFreakout And she said she's a teacher d3333p7 View
3129425 n4iazx PublicFreakout Policemen Shooting Protesters in Colombia quemasparce View
3129839 n4iek9 PublicFreakout Colombia - Cali - May 3/4 ESMAD (Colombian SWAT) agents are captured entering objects into the Luna Hotel before it was set on fire #SOSColombia #NosEstanMatando SeeleJG View
3130032 n4ig6h PublicFreakout Colombia - Cali - May 3/4 The situation does not cease in the city of Cali. Since approximately 2PM clashes are reported in the sector of La Luna. There are wounded with bullet impacts (real bullets). The massacre continues #NosEstanMatando #ONU #HumanRigths #SOSColombia SeeleJG View
3130959 n4iohm PublicFreakout Police shooting civilians randomly in Colombia. Protest against tax reform causing 940 police brutality cases, 672 arbitrary arrests, 30 cases of gun misuse against unarmed civilians, 4 victims of sexual abuse and 21 homicides in hands of public security forces. (Not my video) #SOSCOLOMBIA aBunchOfApes View
3131300 n4irmd PublicFreakout Colombia - May 3/4 A public transport bus is shot with tear gas. #SOSColombia #NosEstanMatando SeeleJG View