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3170762 n507u9 PublicFreakout Woman spits on man after confrontation over parking spot in Toronto waterfront stinkypinkydinky View
3171024 n50cmw PublicFreakout Happy Freakout eintracht55 View
3171122 n50ebc PublicFreakout He's not wrong... TheCaptainMe View
3171606 n50m6h PublicFreakout IDF soldiers arrest peaceful protesters in a solidarity stance with Palestinans who are being kicked of their own houses to give to colonists in sheikh Jarrah neighborhood Ayham_abusalem View
3171648 n50nll PublicFreakout Never forget, it was the Israeli army who taught/trained US police departments (including Minnesota) to put their knees on people's necks. BeastVader View
3171748 n50php PublicFreakout Dammit Rusty. Duke-E-Love View
3171982 n50sg5 PublicFreakout Savage Parking Lot Attack in Punchbowl, Australia DaRockologist View
3172236 n50xsp PublicFreakout Man steals golf clubs from a car and the owner, who claims to be a cop, happens across him and his clubs a few days later. Video ends with suspect at gun point OkieTaco View
3172362 n5117e PublicFreakout Couple of guys being dudes doing dudes thing CecilaJarvis View
3172455 n512qe PublicFreakout Dubbed by local media as "George Floyd of Palestine", IDF soldiers brutally arrest a Palestinan man as they kneel on his neck, suffocating him in the progress. Ayham_abusalem View
3172595 n5152x PublicFreakout How the Israeli military killed children the-grape-next-door View
3172858 n519p0 PublicFreakout More militarization in Cali, Colombia TheRealSituationCali View
3172865 n51ao0 PublicFreakout Mexico city train accident ofruto View
3173650 n51ofm PublicFreakout Kids throw hotel manager in the pool because he told them non guests couldn't use the pool CapitalCourse View
3173727 n51ph0 PublicFreakout NSFL. More from Colombia. TheRealSituationCali View