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3188230 nww7yt PublicFreakout Italian lawmaker refuses to wear mask and is expelled from parliament raffaele2406 View
3188231 nwwj3w PublicFreakout American woman in Shanghai refusing to wear a mask on the bus Lilyo View
3188232 nwwp81 PublicFreakout They keep arresting kids! Are they gonna arrest all the kids of the Palestinians in Jerusalem? this kid was arrested today! BurningPhenix View
3188235 nwwsja PublicFreakout This has to be satire... right? LetThemEatKoch View
3188236 nwx4kn PublicFreakout Bodycam Shows Man Shoot Chicago Police Officer From Point-Blank Range Dave78905 View
3188237 nwxeed PublicFreakout Pastor goes mental on people for having sex Future-Ingenuity View
3188239 nwxkx4 PublicFreakout Humping His Windshield While Ghost Riding His Whip In Front Of The Police meta_uprising View
3188240 nwxpdy PublicFreakout A deaf couple have an intensive argument in sign language Nihilist911 View
3188242 nwy6rx PublicFreakout Man gets his brother to record him beating a Macy's employee TheAtheistArab87 View
3188243 nwyawf PublicFreakout A rare unfiltered look into the treatment of Palestinians inside Israeli Occupation prisons: this 2019 vid reveals the IOF storming Naqab prison, barbarically assaulting 55 prisoners for 10 mins straight & leaving them tied-up atop each other for many hours. 15 were hospitalized. oversized-pepe View
3188245 nwybof PublicFreakout palestinians in Israeli prisons oversized-pepe View
3188246 nwyink PublicFreakout City Council meeting erupts into threats of murder, domestic abuse and other nonsense that doesn't belong in a council meeting. Action starts at 2:25. BargleFlargen View
3188247 nwymk8 PublicFreakout Dude was hoping he was in a Fast & Furious movie d3333p7 View
3188252 nwyuwv PublicFreakout These guys have watched way too much WWE dsav99 View
3188253 nwyz4b PublicFreakout The cosplay medic, not all heroes wear capes. Currynrice9728 View