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3195449 oo5z7c PublicFreakout Jeff Bezos thanks every Amazon employee and customer for 'paying' for his recent space flight. You can't make this shit up. Jumpman707 View
3195450 oo61c4 PublicFreakout Woman attempts to unlawfully enter NYPD Police Precinct without her Covid-19 Vaccine Excelcior Pass; gets kicked out with justice! lazl0wie View
3195456 oo62kh PublicFreakout Anti Lockdown Protesters in Cyprus Fire Rockets into the President's Palace BigMagesty View
3195457 oo63t7 PublicFreakout Police Officer broke the bone of a 75yr-old woman and he is proud of what he did Guilted007 View
3195458 oo63tx PublicFreakout Unvaccinated Karen unlawfully enters NYPD Police Precinct without a COVID-19 Excelsior Pass; gets served with a heaping helping of justice! lazl0wie View
3195459 oo6484 PublicFreakout It's Red versus Blue at the local fast food joint. 5_Frog_Margin View
3195460 oo661q PublicFreakout Two Women Almost Fall To Death After Swing Breaks On 6,300-Foot Cliff’s Edge Obvious-Beach2919 View
3195461 oo67b1 PublicFreakout Black Lives Matters supporter gets his raided by the NYPD, but he shows the pigs who the boss is! lazl0wie View
3195466 oo6d5r PublicFreakout Anti-Vaccination Conspiracy theorist gone nuts! Tries to stab his girlfriend for becoming “one with the devil” for doing her part to fight COVID-19. Luckily his plans are foiled… lazl0wie View
3195467 oo6ggl PublicFreakout Guy pops huge cyst from his arm Obvious-Beach2919 View
3195468 oo6ha3 PublicFreakout Update: Three arrested for physically abusing a kid for being gay and then posting it online (article in comments) TheAtheistArab87 View
3195469 oo6gxy PublicFreakout High Schooler calls out lying teacher. XxMrSlayaxX View
3195470 oo6i3g PublicFreakout At my local gas station, woman leaves the restroom nude and menaces bystanders outside hristory View
3195471 oo6in9 PublicFreakout Subway Jenga AlexOsoArrogant View
3195472 oo6mn9 PublicFreakout Cat vs Dog Yoiton View