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3195474 oo6uks PublicFreakout Man in Brooklyn smashes a bottle over an NYPD officer's head TheAtheistArab87 View
3195475 oo6uq3 PublicFreakout Cop tries to hassle a citizen minding his own business and immediately regrets it PlenitudeOpulence View
3195482 oo6wn0 PublicFreakout Kids get caught on camera dumping trash. They are forced to pick up their mess PlenitudeOpulence View
3195483 oo6yh8 PublicFreakout Far-Right conspiracy loon brings claims of election fraud to BLM protest; gets to take the walk of shame lazl0wie View
3195484 oo6z5d PublicFreakout Unvaccinated Trump Supporter gets kicked out of bar for not having his proof of Vaccination, decides to drive in instead of walking in lazl0wie View
3195485 oo6z8z PublicFreakout Spontaneous Rock-Paper-Scissors Challenge! PlenitudeOpulence View
3195487 oo7at7 PublicFreakout Fatass, Anti-Vax, Trump Supporting dork publicly embarrassing himself in a restaurant lazl0wie View
3195492 oo7fy8 PublicFreakout The freakout is a freakout alright, and public. gabriyankee View
3195493 oo7jzi PublicFreakout Afro-Cuban goes off on #BLM and commies Kpt_Kraken View
3195494 oo7ke4 PublicFreakout “Don’t insult me! I’m smart! I watch the news!” PhilCollinsSUCCCCKS View
3195495 oo7plx PublicFreakout Guy pours water over Christian man Gandome View
3195497 oo7tg0 PublicFreakout Ugly ending to a police chase BannertheAqua View
3195498 oo86fh PublicFreakout Using their heads 20july1987 View
3195499 oo8a1j PublicFreakout Protesters in Iran chanting "Death to (Supreme Leader) Khamenei" Cyrus-V View
3195500 oo8au2 PublicFreakout Random guy took down a man wielding a cleaver with a hostage BannertheAqua View