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3195599 ooch3h PublicFreakout “If anybody is lying here, Senator, it is you” - Dr. Fauci to Sen. Rand Paul during heated exchange at Senate hearing today ohnoh18 View
3195600 oochj5 PublicFreakout Karen Gets Slapped Into Narina CantStopPoppin View
3195603 oockph PublicFreakout Imagine fighting the wrong person taylor2121 View
3195604 oockt1 PublicFreakout Racist, Xenophobic and Violent Trump Supporters get a taste of their own medicine following the Terrorist Attack of 1/6 lazl0wie View
3195614 oocrlq PublicFreakout She got dragged at work Defluvium View
3195615 ooctqn PublicFreakout Man with 2 katanas fights police in Madrid Coldshek View
3195616 oocvee PublicFreakout Asian Community Fight back Man who was Robbing Wilsomes View
3195619 oocz36 PublicFreakout Little Crybaby Tries to Rob a Beast inside a Metro PCS Paper_chasers View
3195620 oodcw0 PublicFreakout A true savage bloody beat down bababooey03 View
3195621 oodk9q PublicFreakout Just a regular day in America FreeCamoCowXXXX View
3195622 oodm6y PublicFreakout Come on up fatty! faithone2 View
3195623 oodohh PublicFreakout Following the announcement of Joe Biden’s certified win of the 2020 US Presidential Election, unvaccinated Trump supporter goes postal; starts pointing guns at everyone at the street lazl0wie View
3195624 oodqbx PublicFreakout Stolen parking spot lamesiha View
3195625 oodpxg PublicFreakout Homophobic Mother gets kicked off flight with her children as passengers applaud her exit jelfrondes View
3195626 oodsbl PublicFreakout Somewhere in china endofworldbutnotme View