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61 kmemeh PublicFreakout Park ranger in New Mexico tases a Navajo marine walking his dog. Full story in comments. fcastrejon View
62 kmenm5 PublicFreakout Who you gonna call? pain_in_your_ass View
63 kmetg4 PublicFreakout All Gas No Brakes touring the DC MAGA protest, quite the spectacle mouthofreason View
64 kmeui5 PublicFreakout Karen gets her Covid-19 Results. Happened yesterday in Dallas, TX TamikaCamacho View
65 kmf214 PublicFreakout This is how wealthy humans drink H2O [deleted] View
66 kmf2rw PublicFreakout She is a scientist, there is no corona [deleted] View
67 kmf7fu PublicFreakout Palestinian lighting and throwing a molotov from zero range at an israeli solider. [deleted] View
68 kmfg9b PublicFreakout People get offended over everything. Jellyrollrider View
69 kmfg3a PublicFreakout Protestors In Hong Kong Cutting Down Facial Recognition Towers. rahul_9735 View
70 kmfn98 PublicFreakout When 2020 is almost over. LeBruhMomento View
71 kmg459 PublicFreakout Uncle catches a man trying to meet up with his 13 year old niece. [very NSFW] Ye_Olde_DM View
72 kmgmha PublicFreakout The way this news anchor handled today's devastating earthquake in Croatia on live TV 👏 PepperBlues View
73 kmgmg6 PublicFreakout Today in Croatia, journalists catch up on the moment the earthquake begins castejack View
74 kmgyrx PublicFreakout "This is NOT a law this is TYranNY" ... UGH quazziwazzi View
75 kmh0ff PublicFreakout I wonder what goes in these people heads Ayman_alsh View